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The Pioneer Valley Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

The Pioneer Valley Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) outlines the direction of transportation planning and improvements for the Pioneer Valley through the year 2050. It provides the basis for state and federally funded transportation improvement projects and planning studies. Last published in 2019, the RTP is updated at least every 4 years and is endorsed by the Pioneer Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

As the Pioneer Valley’s blueprint for maintaining a safe and efficient transportation system for all modes of travel, this long range plan identifies the region’s goals, strategies, and projects to both enhance and maintain our transportation system. The RTP is developed in concert with the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) legislation also referred to as the BiPartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).  Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) priorities and initiatives also assist in RTP development.

Although the RTP focuses on transportation, it is a comprehensive planning document that has been developed and coordinated with other planning efforts in the region. The plan recognizes that while we do not know the future, change is inevitable and must happen in a manner that is beneficial to our residents, workers, economy, and landscape.

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